Photo of Donald E. Ross Donald E. Ross
Photo of Christopher Sarafian Christopher Sarafian
Executive Vice President

Photo of Rory McEntegart Rory McEntegart
Academic Dean
Photo of Joseph A. Rooney Joseph A. Rooney
Provost for Institutional Advancement

Photo of Mary Monahan Mary Monahan
Executive Assistant to the President / Director of Administrative Services
Photo of David Webb David Webb

Photo of Colum Cronin Colum Cronin
Director of Student Services
Photo of Rowland Crawte Rowland Crawte
Director of Information and Communications Technology

Photo of Damien O’Farrell Damien O’Farrell
Assistant Director of Admissions
Photo of Stephen Chandler Stephen Chandler
Head of Department , Business

Photo of Piotr Sadowski Piotr Sadowski
Head of Department , Liberal arts
Photo of Susanti DeVink Susanti DeVink
Business Office

Photo of Tony Vincent Tony Vincent
Front Office